ProductCamp Utah: Registration Open!

7/18/2011 09:27:00 PM by Travis Jensen |

September 10th, 2011!

Register for ProductCamp Utah Here!

Have you ever attended an industry conference or company event and felt like you could have done it much better? Do you feel industry conferences have become too "sterile" or dominated by big vendors? Would you like an opportunity to learn from the many knowledgable product manager and marketers we have in the area? Do you want to share what you are doing right and find out what you are doing wrong?

ProductCamps were designed to solve this problem. ProductCamp is a user-driven, collaborative unconference for Product Managers and Marketers. Having occurred in locations like Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Austin, Atlanta, and Toronto, ProductCamp has come to Utah!

Best of all, ProductCamp Utah does not cost anything to attend and to become a better product manager. However, while it doesn't cost, attendance is not "free". There are no passive attendees. Instead, everyone is referred to as a participant and can help contribute in some way, whether that is volunteering to set up or presenting on a topic you care deeply about or just attending with an attitude of sharing.

Information about ProductCamp Utah is at You can also find out more general information about ProductCamps at, but the best way to really learn about ProductCamp is to experience ProductCamp.

Register for ProductCamp Utah on September 10th, 2011, here!

For specific questions, to volunteer to help, or for sponsorship opportunities, contact
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